Boating is considered to be one of the most amazing experiences that you can have while on the water. But, owning a boat and cleaning it at regular time intervals is a challenging and tiring job. Indeed, boat waxing is a significant part of boat detailing. It is with the help of proper equipment and boat cleaning productsavailable at Fukkenwax that you can save your valuable time and energy for other important tasks.
Boats are usually made of fiberglass. As a consequence of this, a thin layer gets formed on the surface of boat over time. This oxidation and ultra-violet rays from the sun affect the lustrous surface of the boat thus, making it dull and color faded. Your boat ends up losing its original shine and gloss. This is where boat waxing becomes all the more important.
Like car cleaning products, you need to be choosy while buying waxing material for cleaning your boat. It should have carnauba of top quality or Brazil wax. This kind of wax is natural as well as eco-friendly. Wax is available in various grades and you can choose an appropriate grade based on the way your boat gets oxidized.
 However, you need to learn and follow certain boat detailing tips and tricks before going about the process of cleaning. Spray vinegar solution on your boat before waxing. It helps to remove hard water spotting. Vinegar works effectively on these marks and removes them effortlessly. You may begin to wax your boat after it gets dried completely.
You may perform manual waxing of your boat by using a soft cloth or sponge in order to apply the wax. Nevertheless, utilizing an electric buffer is easy and fast. Following some of the boat waxing tips enables you to find the pressure limitation of the buffing operation that could protect your boat’s gel coat. Wax should be completely rubbed in a circular motion. Apply wax to the entire smooth fiberglass of your boat in a systematic way from the top to the bottom. It is also necessary that the buffer keeps moving all around so that no parts of the boat get heated and ultimately harm the gel coat finish.
 Fukkenwax recommends you to take up boat waxing every year. However, waxing it bi-annually helps to keep it safe from the hazardous effects of salty sea water and ultra-violet rays.