We\'re Making a Big Deal about Our New Microfiber Cloths!

 Learn more about how to keep your auto clean with Fükkenwax.com, the premier professional and amateur auto detailing store online. If you\'re serious about polishing your car to perfection, you\'ll definitely want to get your hands on a good supply of our professional microfiber cloths. They are washable, lint-free, and guaranteed never to scratch your paint or chrome wheels or rims.

 Plus, we\'ve got \'em in new colors: black, green and blue!

 Here are some big-time uses for our microfiber cloths:


Fükken Wax microfiber cloths feature a unique texture that grabs hold of grime way better than cotton towels.

These towels are super absorbent, easy to ring out, and, since they are lint free, they leave nothing behind but an awesome shine!

 Cleaning interiors

These scratchless cloths will pick up dust and grime on your delicate vinyl, wood, or plastic interior surfaces much better than paper towels or cotton cloths.


Want streak-free, clean windows? These cloths do the trick here, too.

 Polishing Chrome
Use them on your chrome wheels, rims, bumpers, fenders or whatever else you want to shine without scratching.



If you\'re serious about keeping your car, truck, motorcycle, RV, boat or water craft looking great, these microfiber cloths are the way to go. And, FükkenWax.com is where to get them!