The heat of summer is almost upon us.

Beaches, balmy breezes, weekend getaways… car rot?

Yep, car rot.

The sun can do some major damage to your beloved ride – whether it is your motorcycle, boat, car, truck or SUV. But with proper care and regular application of car wax, you can keep your car looking new for years – no matter what the weather.

Regular maintenance, consistent car washing, and a high-quality wax are crucial to the upkeep of your ride. Simply by applying a coat of Fukken Wax to your vehicle, you will add years to the life of your car\'s paint. Just by protecting the body of your car, you can alleviate the “dull” appearance and bring new life to the color of your car paint.

The Wonders of Washing

Obviously, you should wash your vehicle soon after noticing stains or spots. Bird droppings or crusty flower petals can leave acids that will start eating into your paint immediately. Hose them off right away, and then thoroughly wash it.  Believe it or not, birds can stain your paint if left on there for a few days in the sunshine and heat. For regular maintenance, even if your car is not exposed to the harsh elements, you should wash your vehicle regularly at least once a month.

When to Wash Your Car:

Your car’s clear top coat may be easily dulled by the elements. Environmental conditions, like the heat from the sun, or the abrasive grime, dirt, and debris can mar the luster and shine of your vehicle.

One big indicator that it’s time to wax your car with Fukken Wax is when water stops beading up on your hood. If water starts to form with elongated beads or a thin sheet on the horizontal panels, it is time to re-wax.

Yes, you can drive through automatic car washes to get a wax offering, but this tends to be a waste of money. The best waxing solution, however, is time and a good quality hand wax – it offers more lasting protection and a more satisfying appearance.

Proper vehicle waxing will do great things to improve the life and look of your car. Fukken Wax Experts recommend waxing your car at least once every few months for better protection and easier upkeep. A well-waxed car also makes washing much faster.

Typically, the more time you spend on a car wash and wax job, the better the shine and protection. The protective and shine qualities of various wax products generally vary, so it’s better to use well-known brands of high-quality wax products like Fukken Wax, rather than the bargain brands.

So take your time and spend a warm spring afternoon readying your car for the hazy, lazy days of summer with a coat of the oh-so-reliable Fukken Wax.