Fukken car wax guys, what’s up? My name’s Mike and I saw your video on YouTube. I’ll admit, I love the name of your wax. It’s not just regular car wax, it’s Fukken Car Wax!

I absolutely fell in love with your product and I wanted to thank you guys for making my life so much easier. My wife is crazy about making sure her car looks nice; she has a shiny new Volvo S60 and she’s always nagging me to detail her car. Now, I’m a construction worker, I work hard all week and on the weekends I just want to go fishing, watch sports and relax. I used to spend a good part of my Saturdays washing and waxing her car, shining the rims, tires, interior and glass. I spent so much time on her car the last thing I wanted to do was auto detail my own ride. I have an older 96 Audi A6. The paint is not so shiny anymore, but I got a great deal on the car and I’ve been trying hard to make it look nicer. Even though it’s an older ride, I really like my car.

We recently moved from New Hampshire to sunny Florida. The wife’s car was covered and towed behind the U-Haul; while my car was driven down 1500 miles by a friend. When we arrived to Florida, the car looked like Mel Gibson borrowed it and drove it through a Road Warrior movie. The time had come for me to detail and shine my own car. It was filthy; covered with road grime, brake dust, dirt and who knows what else. I’ve always been taught the old fashioned way to clean a car is to spend a lot of time thoroughly washing the car with soapy bubbles and water, and then painstakingly applying the little reptile wax. I won’t mention his name, but he lives in a shell underwater and can pull his head inside. If you’re lucky and you have a buffer, you can save a lot of the elbow grease by using Fukken Wax for auto detailing instead. As for me, I’ve never had a buffer so I’ve always had to rub the wax off my car the long and hard way.

Enter Fukken Wax into my life. I was a little skeptical at first about the no water directions. Wouldn’t that just scratch the car? With the paint not so shiny anymore and lots of swirl marks, I figured I’d start behind the front wheel where it was the worst. Then if it didn’t work, I’d break out the soapy sponge. To my amazement (and this still gets me excited), I sprayed on Fukken Wax, wiped it to a haze with a soft cloth and removed it to see what the damage was. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

Not only did this remarkable car wax product clean up the mess, it brought out a beautiful shine that I’ve never seen before on my car. I felt like a kid in a candy store and started spraying and wiping, spraying and wiping. Amazingly, I was done detailing and waxing my car in no time at all. After spraying Fukken Wax on the rims, they too began to shine. I even sprayed the glass with it and there were no streaks. My wife pulled in from shopping in her shiny new car (that is now shinier thanks to the Fukken Wax) and she was really impressed with how nice my old Audi looked. Now it looks like we both have two shiny new cars in the driveway.

One thing I’ve learned over the years – when it comes to cars – is that guy’s share knowledge with their buddies, and that’s how a lot of us learned as much as we know about vehicles. With all the problems going on around us in the world today, I think it might be a better place if we all try to help each other out a little more. So, if there’s one hardworking guy out there who reads this and tries your AWESOME CAR WAX, he too will be thrilled at how quickly it works and how incredible the results are. If it gives any guy out there more time to go fishing or watch sports, then I feel like I’ve helped my fellow man. I’ve also heard how great Fukken Wax works on boats, motorcycles, snowboards and even things around the house, like kitchen counters and appliances. Since I’m constantly shining up our rides in very little time, maybe now I can get my wife to start cleaning more… yeah right!

Thank You Fukken Wax,