fukken-sold-hereAuto Detailing Supplies
When not just a simple washing or run through the car wash will do, give your car the special treatment with an auto detailing job. What’s the difference between just washing and vacuuming versus auto detailing? Simply put, auto detailing gives it that deluxe sparkle and extra gleam that looks as nice as it did the day you drove the car off the auto lot.
Although you can find auto detailing companies just about everywhere, for those do-it-yourselfers who want the same (if not better) results, you can purchase auto detailing supplies from a premier auto detailing provider. Fukken Wax offers the entire professional auto detailing supplies you need, from the auto detail wax to the interior polish for any car, truck, SUV or even off-road vehicles. They need shining, too!
Having the right auto detailing supplies to work with will make all the difference when it comes to making your car have a professional shine. There are certain tools of the trade that you need as far as auto detailing supplies go, because not every kind you will find at an auto supply store are going to give you that showroom finish. Using inferior auto detailing products on your car can actually do more harm than good.
Of course, you will still need that bucket and soap to get the car prepared for your auto detailing job. Beyond that, you should choose a high quality wax product that is used by the pros. Fukken Wax auto wax will give you that Euro style wax finish with an easy-to apply aerosol can that wipes easily and won’t smear, smudge or damage the paint on your vehicle.
After you’ve applied and wiped the entire car with Fukken Wax, your auto detailing job is not yet finished. When purchasing auto detailing supplies, you’ll also want to include the chrome wheel cleaner and vinyl and leather cleaner so that you can get the wheels and the interior looking equally as magnificent as the rest of the car. Keep in mind that we highly recommend using a professional terry cloth or microfiber cloth instead of using a towel or common household rag to avoid scratches to your car’s surface. Some pros also prefer the spray can gun to apply the wax professionally as opposed to just spraying it on by hand. You can do this by purchasing professional auto detailing supplies right from our store. Last but not least, don’t forget to make your tires look nice by washing the mud and dirt and grime. Then you can apply Fukken Wax tire shine so your tires will look practically brand new!
When you do perform auto detailing to your car, the intention is to do the job as thoroughly as possible. We recommend this process:
> Start with the dirtiest part of your car, the wheels and work your way out. Use a round circular motion for best results.
> Use a heavy duty hose or pressure washer to get the nooks and crevices.
> Change the water after you wash the tires and wheels. Grab your auto detailing supplies and apply the tire cleaner and chrome wheel cleaner. Let them soak in; do not rinse them off immediately.
> Next, work on the interior. Use the high quality interior cleaning products and try swabbing the small spaces, like air vents and underneath the steering wheel, etc. with a cotton swab.
> Don’t forget the inside and outside of the windows. Grime tends to stick to the windows so you need auto detailing window cleaner to remove the dust, dirt or smoke from the windows.
> Use a special cloth and apply interior leather / vinyl cleaner to the seats, roof, dashboard and console areas of your car’s interior.
> Vacuum the car thoroughly.
> You’re not quite done! Use small brushes to clean things like the headlights, bumper and right inside the door jams where dirt tends to gather from getting in and out of your vehicle. This is one spot that is often overlooked.
The secret to extending the life of your car is by keeping it well maintained, shined and looking pristine; as well as frequent services and oil changes, etc. Having professional auto detailing supplies will give you an added advantage and your car will love you for it!