An Introduction to Detailing Clay


Welcome auto enthusiasts! It’s another great day at Fü, the best Euro-style auto wax in the world (daresay, we think so!). Today we’re going to introduce you to a brand new way to enhance the beauty of your automobile with detailing clay combined with the powerful Fukken Wax auto polish.


You know that beautiful, slick feeling you get when you glide your hand over the surface of a brand new car? Well detailing clay is the way to keep your car\'s finish like new!


Over the life of your vehicle the clear coat finish takes a real beating from things like brake dust, gravel, tree sap, bug guts, road debris and industrial fall out. Left unchecked these types of things contribute to a dull appearance, and worse, can become the gateway to real problems like rust.


The solution? Use detailing clay once in awhile.


Detailing clay is a special clay compound that is designed to be rubbed over the entire surface of your vehicle. Its tackiness removes those nasty foreign impurities from your clear coat to get your car or truck super clean!

Detailing clay generally comes in 2 to 8 oz. bars in two different grades, medium and fine. Choose the medium grade for use once or twice a year. If you intend on showing your vehicle regularly, choose fine grade clay. The fine grade is safe for monthly use and spot cleaning as needed.


While detailing clay is great for cleaning your car\'s finish, it must be used in conjunction with a clay lubricant. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! The clay lubricant keeps those impurities from causing new scratches as the clay works them loose. Most good clay detailing kits come with a matching clay lubricant. So, just choose one of those, follow the directions and you\'ll be good to go!


Once, you\'ve used the detailing clay, wash, dry, and wax with Fükken Wax as usual. The wax will now be able to take the place of all those impurities, and your car\'s finish will shine up beautifully!


Be sure to check out our next blog entry for expert advice on how to use detailing clay, and as always, enjoy the ride!