6 Engine Bay Detailing Tips You Never Knew

 If the inside and outside of your auto look great, don’t overlook the most important spot on your car. Under the hood! At Fükkenwax.com, we believe in making your whole car look good, not just the exterior and interior. The parts that make your vehicle run will work a whole lot better if you keep them clean. Trust us!

 In fact, under the hood of your car too often gets neglected when it comes to auto detailing. But, the engine deserves a good sprucing up, too. So here are some tips for looking good under the hood.

 Engine Bay

 1. Detail under the hood before you wash the vehicle

Cleaning the engine tends to be a dirty job, so do it first. That way any dirt or grease that gets on the vehicle will come off when you wash it!

 2. Cover up the fenders and bumper with wet towels

You\'re going to be using some strong degreasers and cleaning solutions on your engine components, and these can spot or damage other surfaces. The towels will keep those surfaces safe from the cleaners...as well as your belt buckle when you lean in to get to work!

 3. Safety first — wear goggles, gloves and an apron!

As noted already, engine cleaners are strong chemicals, so you\'re going to want to take some simple precautions. Eye goggles and apron and rubber gloves are always a good idea!

 4. Don\'t get electronic components wet

The results can be shocking! Most of today’s cars have computerized components housed in the upper right or left corners of the engine compartment. Don\'t spray these with water! Instead, use a damp rag to carefully wipe them down.

 5. Be careful not to scratch the outside of the vehicle as you work

Be mindful of things like zippers and buttons on your clothes whenever you work on cars, especially when leaning into the engine compartment. Yeah, you know your favorite Texas Hot Rod dinner-plate sized belt buckle? You probably should not wear that!

 6. Keep plenty of microfiber cloths on hand

Microfiber cloths are great for grabbing up dust and grime, and you can grab some right here at www.fukkenwax.com!