3 Car Cleaning Myths De-Bunked

 At Fükkenwax.com, our goal is to make the very most out of your automobile and that can be done simply by keeping it clean and detailed frequently with some of our exceptionally awesome Fukken Wax auto detailing products.

 Over the past few blogs, we\'ve spent a lot of time explaining how to detail your vehicle like pro. Now here are some common misconceptions that the average Joe has when it comes to the subject. We\'re not passing any judgment here; we\'re just trying to prevent well-meaning people from inadvertently damaging the finish of their cars or trucks! So, please read on.

 Myth #1: Dish detergent is fine to use for washing your car.

Ever heard the expression dishpan hands? Well, using dish detergent on your car does the same thing to the surface. The degreasing agents in the soap will break down the polymers of the clearcloat eventually, ruining the finish!

 Solution: Don\'t do it! Go to the auto parts store and choose from a big selection of products specially designed to clean your car...not your dishes.

 Myth #2: Cloth diapers, t-shirts or flannel shirts are great for cleaning

Falso! While soft cotton is ok for applying wax once your car has already been thoroughly cleaned, they are NOT good for washing. Those soft materials end up pushing small abrasive debris all over the finish of your car, and you just end up with fine scratches everywhere.

 Solution: Use microfiber cleaning cloths or premium terry cloth towels for cleaning. The higher pile of these fabrics does a much better job picking up debris and removing it from the surface of your vehicle instead of spreading it around like a fine paper.

 Myth #3: Clay bars are best left to the pros

Not so. You can do it. Just follow the instructions, always use an appropriate clay lubricant with your clay bar, and you\'ll be fine. It\'s the best way to remove bonded impurities like brake dust, tree sap, industrial fall-out and more from your vehicle\'s finish. Be sure to follow up with a good wax job using Fükken Wax!

 Solution: Get to the store and choose the clay bar that\'s right for you. They come in different sizes and grades. Choose a medium grade for infrequent use. Or, if you take regular good care of your vehicle, choose a fine grade clay bar!